Creating New Business Opportunities

Apart from operating our own business, AFun also provides business consultation to our clients.
We believe planning means making new things or creating new markets that meet our purpose.
Through planning and marketing, we discover people who are passionate about our ideas.
Therefore, if a business focuses on business planning, it will create unique products and,
ultimately, a sustainable and stable market.

  • 01Analyzing Company
  • 02Advisory Group
  • 03Business Planning
  • 04Consulting
  • 05Increase in Revenue

Planning characteristics and expected effects

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    Efficient business management

    We analyze the sustainability of your business by evaluating the content and results of your business plans. By understanding the business sector's status and future, we provide business plans and projections.

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    Efficient distribution of the budget, workforce, and other resources

    We help businesses make better resource allocations by analyzing the company's efficiency through data.

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    Business valuation

    We help businesses better evaluate their values and calculate and analyze tangible outcomes resulting from costs and efforts invested in the business.

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    Improve the quality of service support

    We provide continuous support by giving feedback on your business outcome and technical support to help your business overcome obstacles.


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