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  • Outstanding Technology

    We develop outstanding technologies based on our specialties in security and finance.

  • Unique Service

    We provide creative and unique services based on our various experiences.

  • Change and innovation

    We forge a new era with our outstanding technologies and unique service.



We are carving out our own path to success with distinctive blockchain technologies.

10.01 Made a contract with Korea Prepaid Card.,INC for providing reward system.
05.25 Established Always Fun's Research Institute. Made a contract with YOONS ENGLISH SCHOOL for joint business.
05.18 Made a contract with YOONS ENGLISH SCHOOL for joint business.
05.08 Made Electronic Wallet and Blockchain System Development Contract with DreamSecurity, Inc.
03.02 Business Partnership Agreement with Happy Money INC Co., Ltd. for Happy Money INC Reward Platform Development
02.05 Business Partnership Agreement with TIMONET Co., Ltd. for Reward Platform Development
10.06 Contracted with Hanpass Co., Ltd. for implementing Hanpass Private Chain Cloud System Development
07.24 Held 2020 Onchain FinTech Conference
05.20 Developed Onchain Fintech Platform
04.02 Operated Hyperledger Platform
02.01 Business Agreement with ChainLink
12.12 Business Agreement with Seoul Rehabilitation Center for the Cerebral Palsied for Welfare Development
08.12 Developed Blockchain Data System
06.20 Tourism Planning and Marketing Agreement with Representative of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism in Korea
02.01 Business Planning and Marketing Business Contract with CoEco
09.01 Online Promotion Contracts with Korea Federation of Micro Enterprise for promoting ‘Working Condition Improvement Project’ and ‘Labor Contracts’ of Seoul Metropolitan
05.01 Business Planning Development and Marketing Business Contract with Lignin Cosmetics
03.01 Business Planning for UN ECOSOC SCS CSD KOREA HQ
04.14 Business Planning and Operation of Modeling Parties
(Modeling Parties: Marketing Platform Development for improving Company’s brand recognition and revenue growth)
03.01 Organized Mango – Infinite Knowledge Sharing Conference
(Had a Donation Program with Ministry of Health and Welfare, Social Welfare Council, Didim Seed Support Project Group)
11.23 Donation Agreement and Sponsorship with Didim Seed Account (Child Development Account)
05.01 Contract with V Big Family for their Business Planning and Operation.
10.01 Started Business Planning for ‘6.4 million Korea Social Welfare Volunteers' preferential benefits initiative’
09.01 Project Planning Contract for ‘6.4 million Korea Social Welfare Volunteer Motivation Program’
08.18 Corporation Established.



Corporate Identity

Our logo symbolizes that always imagine fun things and turn them into reality.

Afun Brand
Afun Wallet

ALOCK Wallet, our main item as a brand, is a digital wallet, which maximizes safety and user convenience.

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  • Company Info

    AFUN Co., Ltd CEO Youngki Hong

  • Address

    126, Achasan-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

  • Business Field

    Blockchain Service
    (Reward Service , Digital Wallet , Onchain- Fintech)
    Business Planning