Differentiated AFUN
Reward Service

  • 350,000

    Reward Transaction

  • 6,600,000

    Reward Target Users

  • 9,100

    Wallet Users

AFun Rewards

Earn benefits from
your daily activities!

AFun is a unique virtual asset rewards platform that works with existing fintech services.
On the platform, various virtual assets are provided as rewards to users who use our fintech and
payments affiliates’ services. When users execute daily financial activities such as payments, remittances,
and top-ups, they can receive virtual assets rewards via AFun Wallet.
This rewards system helps our affiliates to build and maintain a group of loyal customers. At the same time,
virtual assets suppliers can also gain potential customers and create a foundation for a healthy and
self-sustainable blockchain ecosystem.

  • Benefits for Users of Our Affiliates

    Our affiliates’ clients can profit from and reduce expenditure by receiving virtual assets rewards when they execute daily financial activities such as payments, remittances, and top-ups.

  • Benefits for Our Affiliates

    Our affiliates can promote their businesses and services and secure loyal customers through AFun’s Rewards Service, ultimately contributing to sales growth.

  • Benefits for Virtual Assets Companies

    Virtual assets suppliers can promote their assets through AFun’s rewards system. This helps increase the holders and, ultimately, the liquidity of their assets. This helps the building of a new financial ecosystem based on virtual assets.

AFun in Daily Life

Earn in your daily life!

Earn benefits from your daily financial activities such as topping up your transit cards, transferring gift vouchers, purchasing mobile girl coupons, etc.

Earn by consumption!

Earn virtual assets through daily financial activities such as payment,
remittance, and top-up. Soon, as the public is more engaged in
infrastructures like metaverse and concepts such as Play To Earn,
AFun will expand our service to other digital-related services.


Exchange reward coins into A.point

Pay, Earn, Repeat

A.point, a digital exchange unit linked with fiat currency, allows users to trade their digital assets and rewards points they earned in AFun’s ecosystem for points of other e-commerce platforms.


User can exchange rewards coins for A.points.
Users can spend their A.points in merchants or fintech and
payments services that are connected to ‘A.point Payment API’.

ALOCK Wallet, our main item
as a brand, is a digital wallet,
which maximizes safety
and user convenience.